Charlie Rose & Norah O’Donnell Get World’s First Look At Samsung’s Insane New 55″ Curved Television

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Thanks to Moore’s Law (the observation that computer processing power has been doubling every 18 months for decades now) it’s not only computer technology that is becoming increasingly more revolutionary with each passing 1.5 years — it’s also television technology that has been evolving at a remarkable speed as well.

The latest leap in TV evolution came this past Tuesday when Samsung unveiled its mindblowing new 55″ curved-screen television, known as the KN55S9C.  Brian Cooley is Editor-at-Large of CNET, and of the thousands of products that are released each and every year, only about 5 of them are impressive to him — and this new Samsung product is one of them.  Cooley not only gives his 5-star gold rating to Samsung’s new design, he also made it very clear to Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell of CBS This Morning that this TV is most definitely a game-changer. “This will be the TV you want and have in a few years,” Cooley said. “It’s $9,000 now, but I’ll tell you, that’s $6,000 less than expected, so the glass is half-full.”  Cooley adds: “The curved screen to me is a sub-headline.  It’s a little more immersive, they say.  I think you have to be positioned exactly right for that to work, but let’s face it, eyeballs are curved, this does tend to map to that.  What’s really happening here is this OLED panel technology — means this is the first TV ever that can show black.  That is what TVs have always struggled with.  Once you get that right, the color and the contrast all come into line.”

Beyond the cutting edge OLED technology is the fact that two people watching the same screen can be watching two completely different programs at the exact same time, thanks to Samsung’s glasses.  You can watch the story in full below.  You can learn much more about Samsung’s brand new OLED TV by visiting  Consumer Reports also reviewed Samsung’s OLED KN55S9C and give their gold star approval as well, raving it’s worth every single penny of that $9,000.

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KN55S9CSource: CBS This Morning

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