Watch Max Levchin Explain How He’s Revolutionizing Fertility & Pregnancy With Astonishing GLOW™ App

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Max Levchin (born July 11, 1975) is the 38-year-old multi-multi-multi-millionaire co-founder of PayPal™ and Yelp™ who is days away from revolutionizing the world of fertility and pregnancy with his brand new smartphone app known as GLOW™.  In a remarkable hour-long interview with Charlie Rose, a very modest Levchin elaborates on his amazing life story which began when he and his parents escaped the radioactive Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine by train when he was just 10-years-old.

Settling in Chicago in 1991, he attended Mather High School and then earned his bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997, later co-founding two companies that made Internet tools — NetMeridian Software and SponsorNet New Media.  In 1998 Levchin and his business partners created a system which would eventually become known as PayPal™.  His other achievements include the founding of Slide™, Yelp™, and his newest company HVF™ (which stands for Hard, Valuable, and Fun) which explores and funds projects and companies in the area of leveraging data, such as data from analog sensors.  In the coming days HVF™ is set to launch GLOW™, an app designed to help parents conceive babies by gathering, processing, and interpreting a wide range of data points from the woman’s body, as well as provide essential information to the parents at precise moments along their unique conception timeline.  Not only has the app already helped a large number of test parents conceive their first babies, it is also revolutionizing the outrageously expensive world of IVF (in vitro fertilization) which costs more than $10,000 per treatment, by making it free to parents via a brilliant donation system courtesy of thankful parents who succeeded with GLOW™ and want to help give back to other parents who are trying to conceive.

Not only is Levchin set to revolutionize the world of fertility and pregnancy, he’s also working on a new system which will reinvent the outdated credit score system created in the 1970s.  Levchin and his team realized that there is a huge number of people out there with poor credit scores under the outdated system who are, in fact, ideal candidates for loans and credit.  By gathering off-the-radar data from these overlooked and misunderstood loan candidates, via their social networking history and other data profiles, these “invisible” dream clients will be given a shot at credit that would never have been made available to them in the old, outdated, and inadequate world of credit scores.

You can watch the terrific full hour interview with Max Levchin below.  To learn more about Levchin’s brand new GLOW™ app simply head over to the amazingness that is  And to learn more about Levchin’s pet project HVF™ you can visit  And for all of you out there who are about to fall madly in love with Max’s dreamy sexiness (just like I did after watching his Charlie Rose appearance), let it be known that he is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, Nellie Minkova, with whom he has two beautiful children of his own.  It is estimated that Levchin’s net worth is north of $300 million.

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