Tilda Swinton Defies Putin, Russian Police & Anti-Gay Law With Gay Pride Flag In Moscow’s Red Square

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Earlier this week, four Dutch tourists shooting a film about gay rights in Russia have become the first foreigners to be arrested under the country’s controversial new law about spreading “gay propaganda”.  Ewan Palmer of The International Business Times writes: “The four filmmakers were questioned by police after they were found recording a gay rights film at an event in the northern Russian city of Murmansk.  It is alleged the group interviewed a 17-year-old homosexual about his views on gay rights in Russia.  The Dutch citizens were taken in by police and accused of violating a new law passed in Russia which forbids spreading ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation’ towards children.  The law also bans gay rallies and makes it an offence to suggest that gay relationships are equal to ‘traditional’, or heterosexual ones.  ‘They were discussing human rights when suddenly the police and migration officers burst inside,’ said Maria Kozlovskaya, a lawyer from a St Petersburg-based LGBT network.”

The barbaric new law is the latest disturbing devolution of Russian society and its increasingly homophobic mindset.  Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin also signed a new law which prohibits gay foreign couples from adopting Russian children.  This wave of homophobia sweeping Russia, along with the PUSSY RIOT scandal and much more, has been directly initiated by Putin.  International politicos believe it is Putin’s attempt to ramp up his base in order to divert attention from his failed economic and social policies.

The inhumane homophobic laws are causing an international outrage, with various protests igniting around the world.  There is a growing campaign to boycott Russian vodka, a burgeoning call for countries to boycott the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi, as well as a new petition from CHANGE.org calling for Coca-Cola, VISA, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, and Panasonic to pull sponsorship from the 2014 Winter Olympics as well (visit CHANGE.org to sign the petition and share on your social networks).  To see a terrifying gallery of photos of what it’s like to be gay in Russia you absolutely must CLICK HERE as well.

And earlier this morning Upworthy posted a photo of Tilda Swinton showing her support for gay rights in Russia.  Upworthy writes: “What actress Tilda Swinton did in Russia is courage defined.  Below, she’s holding a pride flag in Red Square.  That seems like no big deal until you know that it’s illegal in Russia to have ‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations’ in public places.  That basically means you can’t show any support for LGBTQIA causes at all.  You can be imprisoned for even holding a rainbow flag like Swinton is doing here — right in front of the Russian police.”  The photo was taken by Swinton’s boyfriend Sandro Kopp and was posted by her agent Christian Hodell.  Just one more reason why Tilda Swinton is one of my favorite human beings in the entire Universe (see Tilda Swinton on FEELguide).

To express your outrage of Russia’s anti-gay devolution to President Barack Obama be sure to visit WhiteHouse.gov and write directly to President Obama and Vice President Biden by CLICKING HERE.  To write to Hillary Clinton CLICK HERE.  To write your U.S. Senator CLICK HERE, and to write your Member of the U.S. House of Representatives CLICK HERE.  To write to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper CLICK HERE.  To write your Canadian Member of Parliament CLICK HERE.  And to contact British Prime Minister David Cameron CLICK HERE.

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