New Science Proves Champagne Has Enormous Brain-Boosting Power, Fights Against Brain Degeneration

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Science has long since proven the health benefits of two-to-seven drinks per week of certain types of alcohol.  Now, in a new study released last week, scientists have discovered a link between drinking 1-2 glasses of champagne per week and its ability to boost brain power and ward off age-related memory loss as well as the onset of dementia and other degenerative brain disorders.

Scientists at the University of Reading in Great Britain conducted the research, and the results were recently published in the Journal of Antioxidants and Redox Signalling.  The discovery proves the phenolic compounds inside champagne lead to a direct improvement of our spatial memory, which plays a critical role in navigation and the performance of complex tasks and calculations.  Gary Drevitch of Forbes writes: “The acid compounds aid signaling in the brain’s hippocampus and cortex and help prevent the loss of proteins involved in memory storage that typically occurs as we grow older.  Daily supplementation with a low-to-moderate dose of champagne for six weeks led to an improvement in memory,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Giulia Corona, told ‘Wine Spectator’, ‘indicating phenolic compounds in champagne may interact directly with nerve cells, improve the communication between cells and encourage nerves that carry electrical signals in the brain to regenerate.”

These exciting results illustrate for the first time that the moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning, such as memory.  This is the latest in a long line of scientific research that confirms the benefit of moderate alcohol consumption.  “The National Institutes of Health reports that adults who drink light-to-moderate amounts of white and red wine, beer and even distilled spirits (two-to-seven drinks per week), are less likely to develop heart disease than people who drink heavily or do not drink at all.  Moderate drinking can increase HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, decrease the risk of developing blood clots, reduce inflammation and derive the benefits of antioxidants.”

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