Everything You Need To Know About What Your Twitter Posts Are Revealing About Your Personality

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Never in human history have we found ourselves with more tools available for self expression.  From blogs, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Tumblr, we are surrounded by platforms which allow us to reveal everything we care to reveal.  New science, however, is proving that we are revealing much more about ourselves than we may or may not have intended.

Each second there are 9,000 tweets posted worldwide on Twitter.  The micro-blogging website has revolutionized how we communicate, and with each passing day it is also opening an enormous window into the human mind.  For instance, The Economist reported last week on new research which shows how the tweets of these bloggers provides a fascinating amount of data which can inadvertently reveal a great deal about their individual personalities.  “Extroversion correlated with ‘bar’, while neurotics were found to use the words ‘awful’, ‘lazy’ and, somewhat predictably, ‘depressing’. But other findings were more remarkable. Trusting types were more likely to use the word ‘summer’, while more co-operative beings favoured the word ‘unusual.'”

Research indicates it is possible “to gauge someone’s personality reasonably well from 50 tweets, and even better from 200.”  You can read the full story by visiting TheEconomist.com.

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TwitterPersonalitySource: The Economist

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