Montreal Becoming A Hotspot For Understanding The Dangers & Emerging Threat Of Electrosmog

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“Electrosmog” is the term used to describe the potentially dangerous congestion of radio frequencies caused by devices which emit these radio frequencies — including cellphones, Wi-Fi networks, and “smart meters” which measure a home’s power consumption and relay the info remotely.

This past Saturday, various groups concerned about the dangers of electrosmog, brought medical experts to a Montreal environmental fair to raise awareness about the possible adverse health effects of the radio frequencies.  “We don’t see it but there are waves all around us that are suspected, and we believe they do, have an impact on people’s health,” said André Bélisle, of the AQLCPA, in an interview with the Montreal Gazette.  The group is calling for a moratorium on the province’s government-owned power utility and its installation of 3.8 million “smart meters”.  Magda Havas is an environmental studies professor at Trent University in Ontario, and she tells the Montreal Gazette that the public needs to be more informed about the possible dangers.  “My concern is that there’s so much microwave and radio-frequency radiation that we’re generating from all of our wireless technology that there are certain people now who have become electrically sensitive — they can’t tolerate the exposure,” Havas said.  “Many of these people don’t have cellphones, they don’t have wireless technology because it affects them and now they’re forced to have a wireless meter on their homes.”  

Roy Fox is a doctor who treats patients who have been over-exposed to environmental sensitivities.  Symptoms can include difficulty focusing, memory degradation, lack of energy, abnormal sensations, throughout the body, etc.  Some of these symptoms are a result of exposure to chemicals and other toxins, but radio-frequency devices tend to worsen these symptoms.  “In modern life, we cannot avoid exposure to Wi-Fi and microwave radiation,” Fox tells the Montreal Gazette.  “People can’t just change the world and get better, so what we try to do is to try to get people as healthy as possible and get them to be judicious in their exposure and to make changes in their lives that may be stressing their system.”  

In a fascinating series entitled Electrosmog, visual artist Jean-Pierre Aubé has been giving visual form to this invisible electromagnetic field that fills nearly every corner of our world.  As the series develops, Aubé has created Electrosmog profiles of various cities worldwide, and in the video below you can watch his profile of Montreal.  “Equipped with a radio, an antenna, and home-made software, the artist sweeps the titular spectrum of radio frequencies.  Every tenth of a second, the device takes a snapshot of its readings — a measure of electromagnetic activity on a specific frequency.  This information is then paired with images of Montreal, digitally altered by these same measurements, to create a ‘documentary in sound’ of the city’s spaces.”

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ElectrosmogSources: Montreal Gazette and The Creators Project

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