Vegan Firefighter Is Inspiring America’s Firefighters To Go Vegan With “My Beef With Meat”

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Rip Esselstyn is a firefighter in Austin, Texas who had switched to a vegan diet some time ago.  For twelve months his firefighter buddies at Austin’s Engine 2 Firehouse watched Rip consume his daily veggie diet and didn’t think much of it — until one day when their team was hit with some disturbing health news that one of their own was dangerously close to death due to a lifetime diet of sugar, fat, and high cholesterol foods.  In order to rescue their firefighting brother’s health, Rip inspired his team to adopt his own vegan lifestyle.  Not only did the diet stick, it also spread out to the other firehouses of Texas and throughout America because the vegan lifestyle felt so good.  Rip recently paid a visit to CBS This Morning where he sat down to discuss his brand new book My Beef With Meat (Amazon).  You can watch it below, and to learn more about Rip be sure to visit his website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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