Gary Oldman And Marion Cotillard Star In David Bowie’s Bizarro New Video For “The Next Day”

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There’s no bigger Tilda Swinton fan in the universe than yours truly, which is why I was so thrilled to see her appearance in David Bowie’s video for “The Stars [Are Out Tonight]” this past February.  The video was directed by Floria Sigismondi, who also directs the brand new Bowie video for “The Next Day”, the album’s eponymous track, released earlier this morning.  FACT writes: “[The video] features Gary Oldman as a lugubrious man of God and Marion Cotillard as a seductive temptress.  On the cards? Stigmata, flagellation and Bowie scrubbing up like an extra from ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’.  Oh, plus one of weirdest closing set-pieces we’ve seen in a while.”  You can check it out below, and to pick up your own copy of Bowie’s critically acclaimed album The Next Day simply head over to iTunes.  This isn’t the first time Bowie and Gary Oldman have appeared together on screen — the pair also starred together in the 1996 film Basquiat.

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