A YouTube Gold Medal Needs To Go To This Clip From A 1970s French Canadian Folk Music TV Show

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I was born in 1975, so there has always been a special place in my heart for the 1970s.  I’ve always felt it to be somewhat of a lost decade in many ways — missing the rebellious freedom of the ’60s psychedelia and the sexual revolution, and absent of the color and pop culture explosion of the ’80s.  The 1970s are an underdog, and I love me my underdogs.

But my understanding, appreciation, and outright love of the 1970s skyrocketed last week when I stumbled upon a YouTube video from a 1970s French Canadian folk music TV variety show which gave a mysterious woman named “Madame Brisson” her one and only moment of glory.  In the 3-minute clip entitled “Madame Brisson Chante L’Auberge de L’Ecu” (Madame Brisson Sings The Hotel of the Coin, or something like that) we catch a glimpse of what can only be described as the most spectacularly delicious time capsule of the 1970s that exists anywhere on YouTube — hands down.  The clip opens with the show’s host introducing us to the divine Madame B in her flowing white dress.  Once he removes the wooden stool out of her way, the piano begins and Madame B’s ravishing donkey-being-castrated cackle of a voice lets loose its hypnotizing magical charm on the lucky handful of stunningly beautiful guests who were granted the privilege of being seated around her majesty as she performs.

As Madame B belts out the greatest French Canadian song ever captured on Quebec television, the camera pans around and the technicolor set (which would make Willy Wonka proud), and we feast our eyes on the legendary hairstyles and costumes of the most gorgeous audience members in television history.  Prepare yourself for one of the greatest YouTube videos of all time.  Oooohh la la.

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