The WOW Files: Huge Scientific Breakthrough Confirms Telepathy Will Be Very First Human Superpower

by • March 27, 2013 • Neuroscience, ScienceComments (0)3308

There have been so many astonishing breakthroughs in brain science in recent years, that we can look forward to an accelerated rate of revolutionary achievements in the years ahead.  The latest of which has all but confirmed that the very first human superpower will be telepathy.  Lore Oxford of DAZED Digital writes: “Scientists have successfully enabled a ‘Brain-to-Brain Interface’ (BTBI) for the first time: a system, which is not entirely different from telepathy, albeit in its crudest form.  The research is being carried out by a team of scientists at Duke University, North Carolina, headed off by Miguel Nicolelis, who has led a number of breakthrough studies in neuroscience — including the development of one of the first mind-controlled bionic arms, in 2003.”  The details are relatively complex to explain, but it is the discovery yielded some mindblowing results whereby two rats were maintaining clear and constant communication with each other via brain-to-brain communication during their navigate of a problematic maze.  The implications of this discovery are as fascinating as they are infinite.  “In the full study for this research, which was published at the end of last month, the author optimistically outlines potential uses, claiming it could enable ‘networks of animal’s brains to exchange, process, and store information and, hence, serve as the basis for studies of novel types of social interaction and for biological computing devices.'”

Source: DAZED Digital

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