The WOW Files: Renowned Intellectual Conference TEDTalks™ Moving To Vancouver March 2014

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It’s the world’s premier annual intellectual and idea-based lecture conferences, and beginning in March 2014 TEDTalks™ will be packing its bags and moving from its current home in Long Beach, California to Vancouver, British Columbia.  The organizers of TEDTalks™, led by Chris Anderson, have chosen the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre as their new home, in part because it is “the world’s most eco-friendly meeting venue — a convention center positioned directly on Burrard Inlet, which took our breath away upon first seeing it,” said a statement posted on the organizer’s website.  Another reason for choosing Vancouver is the fact that it is consistently rated the world’s #1 most livable city — as well as the fact that it’s a drop dead gorgeous one as well.  The TED organization has been run by a non-profit group since 1984. It holds two major conferences each year, one in Edinburgh, UK, called TED Global, and one in North America called the TED Conference, and posts thousands of the talks on its website.  To enter the incredible world of TED be sure to visit, and check out my all-time most cherished TED Talk of all — given by brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.  If you haven’t yet seen this, get ready to have your mind blown wide open.

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