Watch The 50 Greatest Steadicam Shots In Movie History In This Terrific 10-Minute Homage

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Invented by Garrett Brown in the early 70’s, the Steadicam shot — or “Steadishot” — has become one of the most dynamic and exciting forms of cinematography and is one of the most engaging visual techniques in a filmmaker’s storytelling arsenal.  In honor of this staple of cinematic storytelling the team at Refocused Media put together this homage to the art of Steadicam cinematography, using the database of the top-rated clips compiled by, which are rated by the community.  The top 50 of the list of 100 are used in the tribute, and are edited together in the order presented on the site (accurate as of March 1, 2013).  For a complete list of clips by order of appearance (as well as the 3 tracks you hear while watching the video) you can visit  Nicely done.

Source: The Playlist

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