Volkswagen Set To Debut Its Insanely Beautiful And Efficient XL1 Hybrid At The Geneva Auto Show

by • February 23, 2013 • Business, Design, Industrial And Product DesignComments (0)2211

Thanks to a host of progressive-minded corporations around the world (such as Apple, BMW, and Herman Miller just to name a few), industrial design is enjoying somewhat of a Golden Age in recent years.  The latest company to push the limits of where brilliant design can go is the team at Volkswagen which just unveiled the first images of its stunning new XL1 hybrid car.  Set to be unveiled at this year’s Geneva Auto Show which runs from March 7-17th, Volkswagen’s XL1 is not only one of the most gorgeous cars I’ve seen in a long time, it’s also one of the most efficient.  Cool Material recently profiled the XL1 where they write: “XL1 gets over 260 mpg thanks to a combination of a 47 hp diesel engine and 27 hp electric motor.  While acceleration is not its strong point, this hybrid can cruise at 62 mph using just 8.3 hp and reaches 99 mph.”  You can learn more about the amazing new XL1 by visiting Volkswagen.

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