New Science Reveals People Who Get Angry Live Two Years Longer Than Those Who Hold It In

by • January 5, 2013 • Health, Psychology, ScienceComments (0)4560

A brand new study out of Germany has discovered that people who are able to ventilate their anger typically live two years longer than people who don’t.  Researchers analyzed more than 6,000 patients and found that people who bottled up their angry feelings significantly elevated their pulse and ran a much greater risk of experiencing high blood pressure and other potentially deadly ailments.  Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist who specializes in stress management, recently sat down with CBS This Morning to discuss how those who are able to ventilate their anger appropriately are definitely in a more advantageous position with regards to health and longevity.  Her advice to those of us who practice “self silencing” when we feel anger bubbling up from within — you’re much better off learning how to release it in a positive way.

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Source: CBS This Morning

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