The WOW Files: 14-Year-Old Colorado Prodigy And University Student Dreams In Computer Code

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When Santiago Gonzalez was barely in first grade, his parents were able to explain sophisticated concepts to him the same way they would to an adult.  Santiago was born a prodigy, and from his first childhood obsession with gemology and geology, he hasn’t looked back.  His beautiful mind was recently profiled by the team at Thnkr TV for their PRODIGIES series where they followed Santiago for a day in his life at the prestigious Colorado School of Mines.  The short documentary which you can watch below also features interviews with Santiago’s parents as well as his university professors who are astonished by his truly remarkable gift.  Among the most fascinating insights into Santiago’s mind is how he is able to go to sleep with a complex coding bug that’s been nagging him all day, and be able to wake up the next morning with the solution.  Equally as amazing to watch is Santiago’s explanation of how these sophisticated lines of code have more than just a functional purpose — for Santiago coding is very much like poetry, and when painstakingly crafted in exquisite detail these programs can be transformed into magnificent works of art.  You can follow Thnkr TV on Facebook and Twitter.

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Source: The Huffington Post

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