Turn Normal Gloves Into iPhone Gloves With AnyGlove™ Drops & Watch Charlie Rose’s Tips On Buying TVs

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Televisions, iPhones, and all things tech make up a huge chunk of the Christmas gift purchases this time of the year, and it can often be overwhelming to make sense of who’s telling the truth vs. who’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes and steal your money with shitty products.  So allow me to help you out by shedding some light on your shopping list.

Yesterday I was walking down Saint Denis Street here in Montreal and it was so cold I didn’t feel like taking my leather gloves off to check my mail on my iPhone.  So how does one press that tiny mail icon button without using their fingers?  That’s where the nose comes in mighty handy.  Yes, I got at least two strange looks from fellow pedestrians, but my nose did the trick.  I suppose I could have bought some of those gloves custom designed to be usable on touchscreens, but they’re so damn ugly.  Well, thanks to a new product available on the market you can now convert any pair of your gloves into touchscreen gloves simply by applying a few drops to the appropriate finger(s) and wait three hours.  AnyGlove™ is about the size of a bottle of nail polish, and although it’s not permanent, the bottle is big enough that you should easily be able to get at least one season’s worth of touchscreening out of it.  And the team at Cool Material said it best when they wrote: “We have no idea what kind of secret potion it’s made out of, but if we don’t have to wear shitty gloves that don’t work anymore then we don’t care.”  Each bottle of AnyGlove™ comes in a 75ml size and costs $14.95.  To purchase your own simply head over to Amazon.

As you head out into the cold city streets with your trusty new touchscreen gloves, many of you will be using your iPhone map apps to find a reputable place to buy a new television — either for yourself or for someone you love.  For many people, buying a new TV can be as confusing as buying a new computer, so earlier today on CBS This Morning Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and Norah O’Donnell sat down with CNET Senior Editor Scott Stein to break down everything you need to know about buying the right TV for the right price.  One of the most valuable tidbits of information is what Stein reveals about those expensive HDMI cables we now have to buy — turns out you don’t need to spend more than the price of a latte to get a perfectly good HDMI cable.

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Sources: Cool Material and CBS This Morning

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