Does The Brain-Training Program Lumosity™ Really Work? Watch Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s Report

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Have you been noticing all those television and online ads from the brain-training program Lumosity™ recently?  Whatever marketing team is behind them knows exactly what they’re doing, because the general population has never been more interested and more aware of the importance of a healthy brain and its ability to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s when we get older.  Someone was bound to find a way to make money off the trend.

Keeping your brain active is not only smart for the long-term, it has huge short-term benefits as well (i.e. stronger memory, mood regulation, alertness, etc.)  But Lumosity™ makes some substantial claims across the long-term and short-term benefit spectrum, so NBC NEWS’ Dr. Nancy Snyderman wanted to figure out if the computer programs of Luminosity™ are powerful enough tools to merit such claims.  There are few things in this world that interest me more than the mysteries of the human brain, and whenever I find a fascinating story from this field I will always share it with you (NOTE: for a few months now I’ve been toying with they idea of starting a sister blog to FEELguide dealing entirely with brain-related stories).  You can read all FEELguide stories related to the human brain by visiting The Human Brain on FEELguide

Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s report is quite interesting, but it’s the advice she gives at the very end which is the most useful — far more powerful than any brain-training computer program your money could ever buy.  And worth posting again is Daniel Amen’s PBS special Change Your Brain Change Your Life which I’ve embedded below as well.  You can read more about Daniel Amen’s special in this recent story I wrote a couple weeks ago: “The Color Spectrum 100,000: What You Need To Know About The Simple Holy Grail Of Reversing Your Age”.

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Source: NBC Nightly News

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