Close Encounters Of The Mindblowing Kind: Watch Anita Moorjani’s Account Of Her Near Death Experience

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The nature of what exactly happens to us when we die is information that no living person will ever have access to.  Or is this false?  For thousands of years mankind has been scratching at the lower slopes of the biggest question in existence: is there an afterlife?  And one could even argue that this question lies at the core of each and every conscious creature that has ever walked the Earth, as well as each and every civilization as well.

The phenomena of near death experiences (NDE) date back to the dawn of time, and the countless first-hand accounts from around the world share a fascinating set of common characteristics.  From my observation NDEs fall into three categories: 1) technicolor, 2) white tunnel of light, and 3) energy-based.  The first grouping, which I refer to as “technicolor”, are the least interesting from a metaphysical and neuroscientific point of view because they too closely resemble dreams (read more about this by CLICKING HERE).  The second “white light” grouping is fascinating on one hand, but from the science I have read this white conical experience describes the final stages of brain shut-down mode.  The third grouping, however, is endlessly fascinating to me, and represents the top 1% of the most riveting brushes with the great beyond.

In her brilliant 2008 TED Talk, brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor describes the experience of what it was like to experience her own stroke.  The entire left side of her brain had shut down, leaving only the right side operating.  This is the sensory and extrasensory energy-based side of the human brain, and Taylor’s description of what she saw and experienced in that state is one of the most profound insights I have ever heard in my life and it has forever changed the way I perceive the world around me and my conscious life experience at large.  I am convinced Jill’s story holds the most promising keys to understanding the nature of our existence, and last night I discovered another woman’s story which carries the same potential.

Late last night I happened to catch Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s special on PBS entitled Wishes Fulfilled, and roughly halfway through Dyer introduced the audience to a woman named Anita Moorjani whom he describes as “One of the most beautiful human beings I have ever been privileged to know.”  On February 2, 2006 Anita was wheeled into a Hong Kong hospital after battling cancer for 5 years.  Her body was filled with lemon-sized lymphoma tumors, her organs had completely shut down, she weighed 86 pounds and lost all ability to move, she eventually fell into a deep coma, and the doctors had told Anita’s husband and family that she had only a few short hours to live.  What the doctors hadn’t realized is that Anita’s consciousness was not only alive and kicking, it was expanding to an immense scale and was giving her access to a dimension few human beings have ever returned from.  Miraculously, Anita awoke from her coma and has since shared with the entire world exactly what she experienced in that other dimension, what information she learned while there (Anita describes heaven as an energy-based “state” and not a “place”), how it transformed and redefined her life’s purpose, and how it also completely cured her terminal stage-4 cancer in less than four days.

The NDERF has classified Anita’s account as an “exceptional NDE,” and she shares her story in her book Dying To Be Me (purchase on Amazon).  You can watch Anita’s full story below, and for more amazingness from Anita you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and vist her at (NOTE: her website has another video where she describes in even greater detail what she experienced).


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