Narcissism Will Destroy Civilization Sooner Than Global Warming: The Playlist Reviews “KING KELLY”

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What greenhouse gases have done for global warming the internet has done for narcissism — but this is a familiar story.  The Western World’s first attempt to understand self absorption emerged with the mythology of Narcissus, the Greek hunter who was renowned for his beauty, and who disdained everyone who loved him.  Nemesis, infuriated by Narcissus’ behavior, invited the hot hunter to a pool one afternoon where Narcissus immediately fell in love with his own reflection.  Enraptured by self absorption Narcissus was unable to leave the beauty of his reflection and he died.

A similar storyline is explored in director Andrew Neel’s new found-footage film KING KELLY which follows the adventures of Kelly (Louisa Krause), a young suburban blonde who makes cash by masturbating online in her bedroom to whoever’s watching her live via webcam — all while her clueless parents are right upstairs.  As the film develops, Kelly’s self-obsession ensnares everyone around her — from her friends, to her fans, and eventually her family.  Gabe Toro of The Playlist recently reviewed the film which was shot entirely on an iPhone: “A series of contrivances occur that place Kelly as responsible for a misplaced cache of drugs, and Kelly opts to spring to action, ordering Jordan to be her driver. What follows goes from teenage and young adult melodrama and hijinks into something far darker, as Kelly enlists the help of chatroom regular PoohBare (Roderick Hill). PoohBare turns out to actually be a mild-mannered state trooper, with a thin frame, a wispy mustache and pale, pasty skin. Unfortunately perfectly cast for the part, as far as physicality, Hill is nonetheless a revelation—at first PoohBare nurses something of a schoolboy crush on the girl while struggling to maintain his professionalism.”

You can read the entire review by visiting The Playlist.  KING KELLY hits theatres on November 30th and VOD on December 4th.  Check out the trailer below and visit the film’s site at  You can also follow KING KELLY on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: The Playlist

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