NBC NEWS Anchor Lester Holt Takes Off Thanksgiving Only To End Up Anchoring With His Son In Chicago

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Lester Holt is the longtime weekend anchor of the TODAY show, and each and every time I see Lester’s face and hear Lester’s voice after the amazingness that is the TODAY show theme song it’s like being beside a combination of your best friend and your favorite most huggable uncle in the whole wide world.  I’ve been obsessed with news anchors my entire life, and Lester Holt is one of those rare crème-de-la-crème pros that rise above the rest.  And not only is he a cool-as-a-cucumber mega-talent, he’s also an amazing father as well.  Watch below and see what happened yesterday morning when Lester was supposed to have the day off to visit his 25-year-old son Stefan Holt in Chicago who also happens to be a news anchor as well.  Turns out Lester ended up working on Friday where he co-anchored the Chicago news at noon alongside his son.  You can tell these two have an amazing relationship, and Stefan clearly idolizes his dad like a kid worships a superhero.  So in honor of this brilliant Superman-and-son relationship I’m hoping Stefan’s boss at his Chicago affiliate opened that noonday newscast with John Williams‘ score for the NBC Nightly News.  If that’s not a perfect tribute to a Superdad and Superanchor like Lester Holt then I don’t know what is.

Source: NBC NEWS

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