Charlie Rose And Gayle King Talk To Cameron Hughes, The Robin Hood Of The Wine Industry

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As sad as it is, whenever I’m in my favorite local wine store my eyes are typically scanning the prices instead of the vintage.  Every now and then I will splurge on a nice bottle, but those higher quality wines are just too damn expensive to afford on a regular basis.

My situation is familiar to many wine lovers, but this is all beginning to change thanks to Cameron Hughes, the Californian wine expert and entrepreneur behind  Cameron Hughes Wine is an American négociant that makes, imports, and distributes ultra-premium wine for incredibly low prices. They are nationally distributed across America and carried in chains, grocery, broad market, on premise and online at their vertically integrated webstore  The company was founded by Cameron Hughes and partner Jessica Kogan who are dedicated to delivering truly exceptional wine at real world prices. This has been their mission since starting their company in San Francisco more than 10 years ago.

Cameron recently paid a visit to CBS This Morning to talk about how he built his incredible company and how something like this is even possible.  When Gayle King asks Cameron about what it’s like to be known as “the Robin Hood of wine,” Cameron brushes it off somewhat but deep down he knows she’s right.

Source: CBS This Morning

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