The WOW Files: Nancy Pelosi’s Beauty, Grace, And Intelligence Make Me Wish I Was A Woman

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There is something about Nancy Pelosi (born March 26, 1940) that impresses me beyond words.  As soon as the Democrats took control of the House in 2007 and increased their majority in 2009, Pelosi was elected the first-ever woman Speaker of the House, and ever since then the entire world has fallen in love with this elegant Italian powerhouse from San Francisco.

Pelosi is a huge champion of gay rights, education, affordable healthcare, environmental protection, and tried to block communist China from receiving “most favored nation” trading status.  She has been fighting for the underprivileged ever since she became Congresswoman for California’s 5th District in 1987 (in 1997 she became Congresswoman for California’s 8th District which is by-and-large most of San Francisco).  She is a brilliant force of political acumen, and has become an amazing symbol to not only her colleagues in D.C., but to the world at large, of how even in a place as unvirtuous as Washington it’s possible to rise above and move mountains for those who count on her.

Nancy Pelosi married her first love Paul Pelosi on September 7, 1963 and they have five children: Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul Jr., and Alexandra, as well as eight grandchildren.  Her husband is a businessman who owns and operates Financial Leasing Services, Inc., a San Francisco-based real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm.  Nancy Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, with a net worth estimated between $52 million and $124 million. In addition to their large portfolio of jointly-owned San Francisco Bay Area real estate, the couple also owns a massive vineyard in St. Helena, California.  Pelosi’s husband also owns millions in stock in AT&T, Microsoft, and Apple, and is the owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.

In the coming weeks, Pelosi will be a key figure in the negotiations to prevent America from falling off the fiscal cliff.  You can watch her interview on the matter with Martha Raddatz of ABC NEWS below which just aired this morning.  And for the very latest from Nancy Pelosi be sure to follow her on Twitter.  You can also watch an amazing interview with Charlie Rose by visiting (and click on Nancy’s image to start the video player).

Nancy Pelosi is perfect example of how we’ve moved far beyond an age where women such as herself are role models in the eyes of women alone.  Nancy Pelosi is a huge inspiration of mine — and millions of other men around the world as well.

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