How Did It Take Me This Long To Discover The Amazingness That Is Clive Tanaka’s “Neu Chicago”?

by • November 11, 2012 • MusicComments (0)2069

There’s only one station I listen to on iTunes’ long list of online radio stations — it’s under the classical music section and it’s called Venice Classic Radio.  Call me crazy, but in all these years of having iTunes radio at my disposal I’ve never found any other station on there that turns my crank.  Last night, however, I ventured out of my comfort zone and opened up the Eclectic genre and after a few hits and misses I came upon the station Urban Humming Stereo and was pleasantly surprised by what I was hearing.  It was such a catchy track I couldn’t help myself from bustin’ a move.  Turns out that little gem was called “Neu Chicago” and it’s from a mysterious artist named Clive Tanaka.  If you like what you hear in the video below, you can stream and download the entire album Jet Set Siempre No. 1 in full for free below as well.  To read The Chicago Tribune’s glowing review of the album you can visit, and for all things Clive you can visit his site at

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