Latinos, Religion, And FOX NEWS: The Top 3 Reasons Why The Republican Party Is On Its Deathbed

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As the Latino voting block becomes a huge force in American politics, the Republican party is steadfastly becoming less and less relevant as the country moves into the next century.  When George W. Bush ran in 2004 he captured more than 40% of the Latino vote, while John McCain earned just over 30% of the Latino vote in 2008.  And earlier this week Mitt Romney earned a dismal 27% of the Latino vote, putting the fear of God in the Republican party that states such as Texas, Georgia and Louisiana — traditionally strong GOP states — are swinging to the Democrats because of their booming Latino populations.  You can read more at

When GOP Senator Lindsey Graham famously said recently that the Republican party was running out of “angry white guys” he wasn’t just talking about immigrants from the south — he was talking about religion as well.  As David Sessions of Newsweek wrote in October: “Conservatives may be facing another demographic threat as well: declining religiosity, especially among the young. The latest sign came in a Pew study released last week that found that one in five American adults now claims no religion, and that 34 percent of those younger than 30 consider themselves irreligious. The GOP’s own base may be partly to blame. The data echoes a landmark 2010 study, ‘American Grace’, by political scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell, which linked the new chilliness toward organized religion to the rise of the religious right. Other recent studies bear out their hypothesis: in March, Pew found that a majority of the electorate, including nearly half of Republicans, is uncomfortable with the amount of religious talk in political campaigns.”  You can read more at

And yesterday Dan Hodges wrote a brilliant piece for Business Insider on how FOX NEWS itself is doing the party in as well.  There’s no denying that FOX is a well-financed force in American media, and some of their reporting is quite strong — “some” being the operative word, however.  The network has become an international embarrassment for the most part (did you see the train wreck that happened live on-air when Karl Rove contested FOX’s in-house Ohio call for Obama?!  Watch it HERE).  The network is as transparent as a glass house when it comes to their Republican bias, and in a population as media-savvy as America’s, this charade is long since over.  You can read the full story by visiting, and for more on how it’s the end of the road for the Republicans CLICK HERE.

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