Curator Of TED Talks™ Sits Down With ‘CBS This Morning’ To Discuss The Organization’s Mandate & Future

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Chris Anderson is the owner and curator of TED Talks™, the internationally renowned Long Beach conference with the mantra “Ideas Worth Spreading”.  Anderson recently sat down with CBS This Morning for a conversation about the organization and its future.  During the discussion, Anderson talks about how TED evolved to its current influential global position, how it’s democratizing free education in corners of the world that need education most badly, as well as his favorite TED moments.

When asked to choose his personal favorite TED Talk of all time he mentions professor Barry Schwartz’s talk on the paradox of choice which touched on the idea of how we live in a world of too much choice and how this new-found bounty of choice is unwittingly making our lives more miserable (you can watch it HERE).  And he also brings up the now famous talk given by Ken Robinson about how our educational process is killing creativity in our students (you can watch it HERE).

As for me, my favorite TED Talk is undoubtedly when brain scientitst Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor shared her riveting personal account of what happened to her the morning she had a stroke.  If you’re looking for goosebumps, then look no further than Bolte’s 18-minute story about the hidden dimension and secret world that surrounds us at all times.  For all things TED be sure to visit

Source: CBS This Morning

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