EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Record Number Of People Conceived Babies During Last Night’s Frankenstorm Blackout

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As always reporter extraordinaire Ann Curry hit the nail squarely on the head last night when she Facebooked to her fans exactly what was in the back of our minds but needed someone as clever as Ann to pull it out.

As Hurricane Frankensandyarmageddon was beginning to make a full moon landfall along the Jersey Shore yesterday evening, hurling tanning beds hundreds of feet inland and turning countless cans of hairspray into projectile missiles, Ann updated her status to: “My soundman Bobby Lapp is wondering how many babies will be named Sandy 9 months from now.”  Since I’m assuming MTV’s Jersey Shore cameras were rolling inside Snooki‘s bedroom last night we will likely have video in the coming months of her and her orange-faced beast of a guido husband resorting to what millions of other couples were up to all along the eastern seaboard last night — Frankenfucking.  It’s too soon to tell how many Frankenbabies will be born 9 months from now, but I’d bet good money when the water breaks from all those expectant mothers we’re in store for an even bigger flood than the one we saw last night.  Until Ann Curry can track down the footage from Snooki’s bedroom Frankenpounding last night, I’ve been told the couple conceived their little Frankensnookie to RHYE‘s brand new track “The Fall” (the Maurice Fulton Alt Remix).

You can pick up your own copy of the EP on iTunes and check out the brilliant new video below.  For more info on RHYE and what you’re about to watch you can get the full Frankenstory from the team at DUMMY, and be sure to visit RHYEmusic.net.

Source: DUMMY

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