Perpetually Pulsating Prisms Of Pink: Watch Sabrina Ratté’s Video For Steve Hauschildt’s “Interconnected”

by • October 25, 2012 • Music, VideoComments (0)4028

Director and video artist Sabrina Ratté is perhaps best known for her work with Montreal electronic artist Le Révélateur.  In her latest offering, Ratté collaboarated with electronic musician Steve Hauschildt on the video for his track “Interconnected” and it’s just as dreamy as ever.

It’s often a gamble for a musician to choose a director, because the atmosphere these artists create in their music can so easily be trumped by bold or overpowering visuals.  But such is never the case with the work of Ratté, who somehow manages to strike the perfect balance between her visuals and the music itself.  It’s almost as if there is another dimension of harmony going on entirely.  During a recent New York show where Ratté collaborated with audio/visual collective PLINK FLOJD (started by David Quiles Guillo with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and Eric Mast AKA E*Rock), ISO50 was there and they observed: “When I saw Sabrina do visuals for Le Révélateur it was incredible how the visual identity was perfect for the music, soo many ‘VJ’s’ get it wrong or end up trailing off and making no sense with the music and this was one of best accompaniments i’ve ever seen.”  

You can check out Ratté’s video for Steve Hauschildt‘s “Interconnected” below, as well as her work with PINK FLOJD‘s “Marooned”, as well as her work on Le Révélateur‘s “Mirages”.  For more from Sabrina Ratté be sure to visit her site at

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