Obama Destroys A Confused, Creepy, And Sweaty-Lipped Mitt Romney In Final Presidential Debate

by • October 23, 2012 • PoliticsComments (0)3200

I was mightily impressed by President Obama‘s performance in last night’s final presidential debate which was moderated by CBS NEWS’ Bob Schieffer (who happens to be one of my favorite people in the universe).  The topic at hand was foreign policy, and Obama effortlessly destroyed Mitt Romney consistently from beginning to end of the 1.5-hour-long debate.  In a snapshot CBS poll of undecided voters, taken immediately following the debate, a whopping 53% agreed Obama was the clear winner, while 23% felt sorry for Romney and gave it to him instead.  It was amazing to see Obama at his finest last night, and his strength not only proved him to be light years ahead of Romney with regards to having what it takes to lead America safely through the next four years, he also highlighted how dangerous it would be to have Romney as Commander In Chief (I liken it to putting a bull in a china shop).  And apart from that, for some reason Romney gave me a serious case of the creeps last night.  Is it just me, or did he not remind you of creepy-as-hell Reverend Kane from POLTERGEIST?  For more analysis of Romney’s sweat-soaked appearance last night you can visit HollywoodReporter.com.

Source: Business Insider

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