NYTimes’ Fascinating Look At The Science Of Blue, Its Connection To Power, And How It Shaped Human History

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The New York Times published an incredible feature yesterday entitled “True Blue Stands Out In An Earthy Crowd”.  Written by Natalie Angier, the piece opens with the scientific community’s recent obsession with the color blue, including how the shiniest living thing on earth was recently discovered in Africa — a vibrant metallic blue berry discovered in the forests of central Africa.  As Angier continues she peels back the layers of history behind the color blue, and in doing so unveils the incredible role this color has played in shaping human history.  She also provides some fascinating scientific research into the color, including its complex interplay with human emotion, its powerful role in the animal kingdom, and the advantage it gets from its molecular composition.  You can read it in full by visiting NYTimes.com.

Source: The New York Times

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