Lilith’s Defiance In The Garden Of Eden: Crowdfunding Begins On The New Film “Go In The Wilderness”

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Director Elza Kephart first emerged on the independent film scene with her delicious 2003 film Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse In Love which tells the story of a shy nurse who, after after being bitten by a zombie, becomes a flesh-eating sex kitten.  The film earned the Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography at the 2004 Slamdance Film Festival, Best Crossover Genre Film at the 2004 Rhode Island Horror Film Festival, and was nominated for multiple awards at the 2005 Cinevegas Film Festival including Best Film and Best Director.

On the heels of her success with Graveyard Alive, Kephart is building what promises to be another fascinating cinematic adventure with her upcoming film Go In The Wilderness.  The film tells the story of Lilith, Adam’s rebellious first mate, and her guardian angel, as they forge an uneasy alliance on their journey back to Eden. Once in the Garden, they meet Adam and his new mate Eve, and realize that all is not as it seems in Paradise. The film was shot against the dream-like, primeval backdrop of Quebec’s remote North Coast, and from what we’ve seen of the film’s trailer and promotion stills, Go In The Wilderness is a stunning new take on a 2000-year-old tale.

In a recent interview, Kephart revealed the origins of the film: “When I fell upon the myth of Lilith many years ago, it immediately stirred something in me.  I felt drawn to retelling the inner journey of the first woman who, despite finding herself alone in the world, with no model to follow, struggling with self-doubt, and dealing with her own loneliness and sadness, still resolutely sticks to her basic need of independence.  This story seemed to eerily mirror my life’s journey, and so I set about exploring my personal interpretation of the Lilith myth.  In making this film I also want to create a new interpretation of Lilith’s story, and restore her positive image, which was usually demonized in traditional legend.  I see this film, in a sense, as a new creation myth for women.  With ‘Go In The Wilderness’, I want to breathe life into an archetypal heroine with whom women, young and old, can identify, and upon whose strength they can draw.”

Earlier this morning the team at Go In The Wilderness launched their crowdfunding campaign and you can help bring this story to life and make a contribution to its success by visiting And to learn more about the film be sure to visit, and follow the film on Facebook and Twitter.

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