Binge Drinking Destroys Your Brain In Three Months (So Here’s How To Make Your Very Own Pumpkin Keg)

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I absolutely love science, but there are days when I wish it would just leave me the hell alone.  Take earlier today when I read Business Insider’s article on how it only takes 3 months of binge drinking to cause severe cognitive impairment in the human brain. Here’s a small excerpt: “The binge drinking specifically injured a group of brain cells that control the rat’s ability to make decisions. Between drinking binges, these brain cells were unusually active. And the more active they were, the more the rats drank on their next binge.”  You can read the entire well-written piece of bad news by visiting So what’s the good news?  You can always count on The Huffington Post to balance out the oh-too-serious with a brilliant method of how to create your very own pumpkin keg. And because your brain and mine are rotten from too much drinking, they’ve made it super easy for us with a list of 3 simple things: one pumpkin, one spigot, and one brilliant YouTube video below.  One more reason to love Halloween!

Sources: Business Insider and The Huffington Post

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