“The Winner Effect”: How Success Breeds Success And The Self-Reinforcing Upward Spiral Of Winning

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In his brand new book The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk Taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust (The Penguin Press, 2012), trader-turned-neuroscientist John Coates takes a fascinating look at the science of success, and how body chemistry is a huge factor in determining one’s ability to succeed — and by extension, continue to succeed again and again.  From his own experience on Wall Street, Coates unlocks the scientific underpinnings of winning in the stock market and discovered there are two hormones which play an enormous role: testosterone and cortisol.  He also looks at the animal kingdom at large in his search for answers behind why “The Winner Effect” (why winners tend to keep on winning) is so common.  To learn more be sure to read Brain Picking’s terrific profile of the book by visiting BrainPickings.org.  And to pick up you rown copy of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf simply head over to Amazon.

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