Banner Photo #96: FEELguide Turns 2! Which Means You Just Won A Free Car And A Grizzly Bear Hug

by • September 23, 2012 • Banner Photos, Me, MusicComments (0)3232

It seems like just yesterday that I was bored out of my skull and decided to start a blog.  Two years later this little cub has turned into my project of a lifetime.  I can say without a doubt that FEELguide has given me far more than I’ve given it, and I honestly have no clue at this point what I used to do with all my spare time. After spending this weekend in The Ottawa Valley with my family I had a lot of spare time to think about where I want to take FEELguide next, as well as lots of time to listen to new music in the car.  And in 5 total hours of driving I think I listened to Grizzly Bear‘s new album Shields more than 5 times if that’s even possible.  So when I got home earlier this afternoon and noticed that they’re playing tonight here in Montreal as part of the POP Montreal music festival I pretty much shat my pants.  If you find yourself in town tonight and are looking for one of the best damn shows of the year, you will find me at the Olympia Theatre at 8pm.  I’m the guy who will be screaming like a school girl waving my lighter in the air to the amazingness that is “Half Gate”.  And if I’ve never told you before today, thank you for reading FEELguide and consider this one giant Grizzly Bear hug from me to you with a big fat wet kiss to boot!!!  Here’s to years and years of sharing truck loads of great stories and tons of more things inspired and imaginative.  You can grab your own copy of Grizzly Bear’s Shields on iTunes.

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