NBC NEWS Deciphers The Powerful Hidden Message Being Sent By Butterflies In Massachusetts Field

by • September 11, 2012 • Nature, ScienceComments (0)2080

We humans like to think we’re the most intelligent species that has ever lived, but our world is filled with living organisms that have senses infinitely more powerful than our own.  In a study published on August 17th in Nature, the world’s leading journal in science and medicine, researchers have taken a very close look at some profound changes that are taking place in the butterflies that migrate to-and-through the state of Massachusetts.  The data, which you can see in the graph below, reveals the population trajectories with 90% confidence intervals for specific butterfly species in Massachusetts, with their range type (northerly versus southerly: blue representing a northern species, and red representing a southern species, and black representing various other parameters) and overwintering stage (symbol shape) superimposed.  NBC NEWS recently paid a visit to one of the most documented butterfly gardens in Massachusetts, where they discovered the hidden message being sent to us by these magnificent creatures.  It is a message that is now being heard loud and clear around the world.

Source: NBC NEWS

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