Andrea Arnold’s “Wuthering Heights” Gets A Brand New Trailer Even More Seductive Than The First

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Emily Brontë wrote her iconic novel Wuthering Heights between October 1845 and June 1846, and it was published in July of the following year.  Wuthering Heights was Emily’s only published novel, and it was released following the success of her sister Charlotte Brontë‘s novel Jane Eyre (which was written under the pseudonym Ellis Bell).  The novel tells the story of a poor boy of unknown origins named Heathcliff, who is rescued from poverty and taken in by the Earnshaw family where he develops an intense relationship with his young foster sister, Cathy.  The narrative centres on the all-encompassing, passionate, but ultimately doomed love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them and the people around them.  The film is the latest offering from Academy Award-winning director Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank), and is the 15th film or television interpretation of the classic novel.  The film is gaining an impressive amount of critical acclaim, and to learn more be sure to visit The Playlist.  I’ve attached both of the film’s trailers below because they’re each equally impressive.  Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights will slowly begin rolling out across North America in October 2012.

Source: The Playlist

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