LINKguide (September 6, 2012)

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 Meet two of the world’s hottest male models: Jeff Tomsik and Alex Geerman (OHLALAmag)
 Guess which Hollywood hunk can’t stop whipping out his peen when dared? (Dlisted)
 A look at Bill Clinton’s epic speech at the Democratic National Convention (Towleroad)
 The “Secret Garden Party” mixtapbe by Anon (The Fox Is Black)
 VF gets a sneak peak of the Toronto International Film Festival (VANITY FAIR)
 An intense look at parasomnias: life-threatening nightmares (Kottke)
The Division Knoll Residence by Sagan Piechota Architects (Materialicious)
The amazing cardboard busts of Scott Fife (Laughing Squid)

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