To Be Consumed At Sunrise Or Party’s End: Watch Ricardo Donoso’s Phenomenal “From Sterling To Snow”

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Boston-based Ricardo Donoso‘s latest full-length album Assimilating the Shadow is set for release on September 4th and it’s getting some rightful buzz from the likes of NO FEAR OF POP who just posted Donoso’s stunning new video for the album’s second preview track “From Sterling To Snow”.  The video was directed by Pierce Warnecke (who also directed “The Bow And The Lyre”) and wraps Donoso’s gorgeous sounds inside a visual love letter to minimal geometry and color.  As per the album in its entirety, NFOP raves: “A work mainly comprised of meandering soundscapes created with layered, stupendously complex rhythmic patterns, ‘Assimilating the Shadow’ is a truly outstanding accomplishment in its field, and hereby highly recommended.”  

Digitalis also writes: “‘Assimilating the Shadow’ is meant to be consumed at sunrise, at the party’s end. It’s an assemblage of dark, deeply considered sequences layered in a way that is a fusion of opposites. Sacred geometry sets the stage for these intricate, emotional structures to emerge. Tonal passages that appear divergent on their exterior but when layered through Donoso’s unique prism act as a passageway through the world’s apparent polarities. According to Jung, ‘Everyone carries a shadow.’ But the less that part of your unconscious, that shadow is acknowledged, the darker it gets. While ‘Assimilating the Shadow’ seems to embody this bleakness on the surface, Donoso is embracing it to reveal that underneath is a record full of hope, desire, and introspection. This is music that is intensely personal and reflective. ‘Assimilating the Shadow’ is a mirror in which the illusions we hide ourselves behind are dissolved.”

You can pick up your own copy of Assimilating the Shadow via Boomkat, and for all things Ricardo Donoso be sure to visit his site at and follow him on Twitter.  To browse through all of Ricardo’s recordings CLICK HERE.  And to learn more about director Pierce Warnecke you can visit

Sources: NO FEAR OF POP and Digitalis

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