The James Blake Of Electronic Country Music: Meet Trucker, Hottie, And Groundbreaker Daughn Gibson

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There aren’t many former commercial truckers out there who can make the following claims like Daughn Gibson can: 1) ushering country music into the post-techno age just like James Blake did for R&B;  2) has a singing voice that has been described as a mix between Roy Orbison, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Cold Cave’s Wesley Eisold, Nicolas Jaar, and Matthew Dear;  3) just signed with legendary SUB POP Records yesterday; 4) has rugged good looks could melt a stick of butter.

Meet Daughn Gibson, the groundbreaking electronic country music artist from Carlisle, Pennsylvania who is on the verge of becoming the next big thing.  His brand new album All Hell was released in April 2012, and it’s already secured its rightful place alongside the Best Albums of 2012 by the the most reputable denizens of cool.  As DUMMY writes in a recent profile of Gibson: “A Pennsylvanian who cut his teeth in stoner metal / hardcore bands, he got into electronic music on his truckrides across the states, the sounds of Demdike Stare and Burial and long night journeys seeping into his music. The first results of this intriguing combination were released through White Denim, and, after something of an industry scrum by all accounts, he has emerged with a contract from SUB POP, and a new song, ‘Reach Into That Fire’. What to say? His drumming left him with the ability to mix complex and instinctual rhythms while his melodies are simple, basic-even, underlining their emotional core. It’s weird yet deeply charismatic that deserves to make this humble, complex man very famous.”  DUMMY also featured Gibson’s brand new remix of Cave Painting’s “So Calm” and you can listen to it by visiting DUMMY.

To pick up your own copy of Daughn Gibson’s must-have album All Hell simply head over to iTunes.  And for all things Daughn be sure to visit his site at and follow him on Facebook.  For a list of all of Daughn’s tour dates CLICK HERE.  To read Daughn’s new welcome page at SUB POP you can visit  And yes, from now on I will be referring to Daughn as one of my Future Husbands :)

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