The WOW Files: Water Guns + Moisture Sensitive LED Wall = The Water Light Graffiti™ System

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Earlier this summer while working in residence at the Digitalarti Artlab in Paris, artist Antonin Fourneau designed and built what he affectionately calls his Water Light Graffiti™ system.  It took nearly  a month of painstaking work, but Fourneau successfully created the giant system of LEDs which are embedded in a moisture-sensitive panel.  Just add water!  The final result is going viral in a major way, so expect to see much more from this impressive talent in the years ahead.  The wall was recently put on display in Poitiers, France and you can check out the video below, as well as watch a short clip of Fourneau explaining how he pulled the whole thing off.  For more photos CLICK HERE.

Sources: NOTCOT and This Is Colossal

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