How The Music Of LOSCIL Is Helping Me To Reignite My Career And Bypass My Procrastination

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I made a promise to myself that as soon as my Cape Cod vacation wrapped up I would dive head first into finally finishing my personal portfolio website.  I am in between contracts right now, fully rested, and 100% ready to build the site — well, the first two are true at least.  However, the third part — my readiness to tackle the huge project of rebranding and reformatting every worthy drawing I have ever created in my life — is another story all together.  When I got back last Friday I sat down and stared at my computer and the mountains of files and images that had to be reworked, recropped, recleaned, reformatted and reworked, and I felt like David up against Goliath.  Not to mention the fact that even though FEELguide has given me a great deal of WordPress and HTML skills, the new theme I’m using for my brand new site is proving to be a challenge to wrap my head around.

Then a couple days ago I was browsing through ISO50 and came across one of their always-brilliant mini mixes and discovered the music of Vancouver-based electronic ambient master producer LOSCIL (a.k.a. Scott Morgan).  The track is entitled “Coyote” and it’s the very first glimpse we’ve been given of his highly anticipated new album Sketches from New Brighton which is set for release on September 10th via KRANKY.  “Coyote” somehow gave me the superpower of being able to leapfrog not only being so overwhelmed by the amount of work my new site will take to build, but most importantly it helped me conquer my lifelong nemesis — procrastination.

After a few repeats of “Coyote” I found myself cracking my knuckles, pumping a few Rocky practice blows at my computer screen, and blasting through the wall that was preventing me from moving forward.  I went on to purchase LOSCIL’s 2010 album Endless Falls, and now I have even more fuel for the long hours ahead, so if all goes well my new site will make my OLD site look like it’s from the 1990s.  So if you’re out there LOSCIL, consider this a huge bear hug for having given me an inspirational kick in the butt, and I’ll be the very first one to grab a copy of your new album next month!  For all things LOSCIL be sure to visit his site at, as well as follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.  To pick up your own copies of LOSCIL’s music simply head over to iTunes.

Source: ISO50

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