Subatomic Sublimity: Watch Classical Music And VFX Converge In Stunning Video “CONSTELLATION”

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The Creators Project recently profiled the impressively animated creation entitled CONSTELLATION, directed and animated by Patrick Doan (who also goes by the moniker Defasten) and sound designer Shervin Shaeri.  What initially caught my eye on TCP’s blog was one blog title in particular: “CONSTELLATION Matches Abstract VFX With Classical Music To Great Effect”.  Say no more!  The video is as much a love letter to Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) as it is to renowned Canadian pianist Janina Fialkowska who was recently honored with the 2012 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.  Fialkowska narrates the beginning and end of video with her terrific thoughts on the power of music as the most abstract expression of artistic beauty.  A truly inspired work, The Creators Project writes of CONSTELLATION: “It’s a spellbinding take on matching abstract animation with sound and it feels like you’re peering into some subatomic world where complex dancing shapes fizzle and explode to the sounds of Chopin.”  To learn more about the piece be sure to visit, and follow the team on Facebook and Twitter.  For more profound stories from the world of classical music be sure to visit Classical Music on FEELguide, and for all FEELguide posts related to the dream team at The Creators Project CLICK HERE.  I’ve also included a fascinating video where Fialkowska not only plays, but also explains the significance and rarity of the 1848 Pleyel grand piano — the exact same type of piano that Chopin was using inside his home just before he passed away in 1849.

Source: The Creators Project

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