One Listen To “R.I.P.” By The Genius That Is ACTRESS And You May Very Well Start To Levitate

by • July 26, 2012 • MusicComments (0)1837

One of my favorite new discoveries of late is NTS Radio, an online treasure trove of brilliant 2-hour sets by some of the world’s most cutting edge producers.  One podcast I was enjoying earlier today during a fucking back-breaking day at work (I almost threw my computer out the window — no joke) was called “Synth Heroes” hosted by Rod Stanley and Dave Lane (HEADS UP: Rod desperately needs to learn how to laugh, and I think I’m in love with Dave, who sounds as sweet as British pie).  Their special guest near the end of the show was none other than ACTRESS, the genius behind the June 2010 album Splazsh (“Hubble” still continues to blow my mind).  Right around the 33:21 mark of the 2-hour show I discovered another of ACTRESS’ incredible gifts, entitled “R.I.P.”  It is quite simply transcendent, and you can listen to it in full below.  To hear the entire 2-hour show be sure to visit (and wait for ACTRESS who pops into the studio at the 1:15:30 mark — his voice is so adorable I swear I had fantasies earlier this afternoon of what it would be like to wake up next to that accent each and every morning).

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