The WOW Files: Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi’s Stunning “Particles” Installation Will Drop Your Jaw

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Particles is a gorgeous new art installation by Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi which is able to create a stunning array of adjustable/interactive patterns using translucent white balls with a built-in LED which travel down a sophisticated infinity-shaped spiral structure.  The artists have nicknamed the system “the light particle float around” because the balls radiate in various timing.  The position of each ball is determined via a total of 17 control points on the rail.  Every time a ball passes through one of them, the respective ball’s positional information is transmitted via a built-in infrared sensor.  During the time the ball travels between one control point to the next, this position is calculated based on its average speed. The data for regulating the balls’ luminescence are divided by the control point segments and are switched every time a ball crosses one of these points.  Audiences can select a motion graphic from several patterns floating in aerial space using an interface of the display, and the activation of the virtual balls on the screen are determined by computer with regards to speed. The sound is generated from the ball positions and is played through 8ch speakers.  Seriously beautiful.  To learn more about the installation CLICK HERE.

Source: Today And Tomorrow

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