Aarnio’s Dreamy “Cloud Chamber Under The Mountain” Mixtape Is Customized For Gin & Stargazing

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This mix by Aarnio entitled “The Cloud Chamber Under The Mountain” would have matched up perfectly with my night under the stars last night.  My friend Elza had a bunch of us over to her 3rd floor rooftop which is nestled in a stunning area of Montreal called Outremont.  We sipped on basil gin and tonics, and sparked up a 3-hour-long string of stories as we each tipped our chairs back ever so slightly to take in the steamy dome of stars above.  It was a dreamy night to say the least, and would have been made all the more magical had I known about this mix beforehand.  In his own words, Aarnio writes: “I made this semi continuous new Aarnio mix out of songs that I love to loop and fall asleep to and shared it with a friend. Its a pretty rewarding listen if you enjoy collections of songs in a row that concentrate on depth in tone and calm airy patterns. Made for people who love the admire the beauty of the ocean at night, listening to trains from a distance and the echoes from a large church bell.”  Seriously beautiful stuff going on here.  Can’t wait to take this for an inaugural midnight starry-eyed spin with friends.  And screw the rooftop — this time I’ll be aiming for a lakeside beer keg bonfire and a moonlit lake.  Infinite possibilities :)

Source: Heathered Pearls

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