NBC NEWS Reports On ORBITZ’s Creepy Trick: The More Expensive Your Computer, The Pricier The Deal

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I have just about had it with Big Brother to be honest.  We can’t walk down the sidewalk without being filmed, we can’t buy a single thing without it showing up on our bank records, and we can’t even use our computer without every decision and move we make being monitored by the technology overlords.  Last week, for example, Facebook changed your email address without telling you (I swear I have never been closer to deleting my personal Facebook account).  Everything you have ever Googled on your computer has been tucked away in your permanent file.  And now you can’t even book a hotel room these days without someone on the other side conspiring against you.  NBC NEWS broke the story last night that the morons at ORBITZ are cooking our search results based on how expensive our computers are: if you own a Mac, your results will be much pricier than if you own a PC.  Check out the story below and if you’re as sick of this Big Brother nonsense as I am you will never even think of touching ORBITZ again.  Case in point: watch for ORBITZ CEO Barney Harford‘s remarks about why his company cooks the results: “to help make that travel shopping experience better.”  Thanks so much Barney — this is such a coincidence.  Just the other day, as a matter of fact, I was walking downtown and I caught a guy with his hand in my pocket as he was about to steal my wallet.  “What the fuck?” I asked.  His response: “I was trying to make your walking experience better.”  To bitch to Barney personally you can find him on Twitter.

Source: NBC Nightly News

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