Get Your Mind Blown Wide Open By AntiVJs New Permanent Lightmapping Installation In Wroclaw, Poland

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The geniuses of lightmapping collective AntiVJ continue to push the envelope of what this burgeoning technology is capable of, and in their latest venture the AntiVJ dream team has transformed the Hala Stulecia (Polish for Centennial Hall) in Wroclaw, Poland into a work of art that is just about as good as it gets as far as lightmapping is concerned.  Upon the completion of its construction (1911-1913), Poland’s Hala Stulecia was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world, and with a diameter of 65m it was home to the largest dome built since the Pantheon in Rome 1,826 years ago in the year 186.  The AntiVJ piece is based around the notion of timelessness in Architecture, and the idea of what future has meant throughout the 20th century.  By using references such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, as well as the utopian projects of Archigram to confront the different visions of the future at different times, Romain Tardy and Thomas Vaquié were interested in trying to create a vision of a future with no precise time reference.  A timeless future.  To learn more about the extraordinary work of AntiVJ be sure to check out their website at as well as AntiVJ’s blog and be sure to follow them on Facebook.  For all FEELguide stories about AntiVJ simply CLICK HERE.

Source: AntiVJ on Facebook

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