An Exercise In Perfection: Watch CFCF’s New Video For The Amazingness That Is “Exercise #3 (Building)”

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I’ve worked in movies for ten years now and I’ve crossed paths with more A-listers than I can even remember, and occasionally I must admit — I get a bit googley-eyed.  The same thing goes for musicians.  When I bumped into Neon Indian several months ago, I practically raped him with my eyes.  When I met Active Child’s Pat Grossi at the bar at Casa del Popolo I’m sure he thought I was straight out of the looney bin.  And when I was at the P.A. grocery store on Montreal’s Parc Avenue a few weeks ago I somehow managed to control myself when I caught a glimpse of CFCF (a.k.a. Mike Silver) in the check-out line right beside me.  He was super sweet and gave thoughtful answers to all of my stupid questions, but above all I got to thank him in person for creating one of the most gorgeous pieces of music I’ve heard in quite some time — “Exercises #3 (Building)” from his brand new EP EXERCISES.  Earlier today the official video for the track, directed by Adam Beck, was released and it beautifully captures the evocative atmosphere of the track.  I seriously can’t get enough of this.  Be sure to pick up your own copy of CFCF’s EXERCISES via iTunes, and follow him on Facebook.

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