Music Trade’s Love Affair With “Unknown” Anonymous Producer Continues With Release Of 6th Track

by • June 9, 2012 • MusicComments (0)1937

On May 10, 2012 NO FEAR OF POP, and a few other A+ music trades received an email from an anonymous producer which read: “Hi guys, this is my first ever track using this alias. Basically, people listen to the music more openly when they don’t know anything about the person, when it’s ‘Untitled’.  So I’ve decided I’m going to go forward this way.”  Attached to the email came the track “001”, and Unknown has continued his/her cloaked tradition of dropping off new tracks at the front doors of his/her favorite writers and reviewers ever since.  The latest goodie is “#006” which NFOP just posted this morning.  The following are the six tracks he/she’s released up to now, and you can stay on top of the collection by visiting his/her YouTube channel UnknownMusic9.

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