Director Allen Cordell’s Video For BEACH HOUSE’s “Lazuli” Is From Another Dimension Entirely

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BEACH HOUSE just released their latest video from their brand new album Bloom, and as with all things BEACH HOUSE, it’s equal parts brilliance and deliciously bizarro.  Directed by Allen Cordell, the video for “Lazuli” takes the viewer on 3 random people’s journeys as they appear to merge with the infinite.  The first is a young tyke who happens to stumble upon a candlelit table of cosmic chicken, the second a woman who enters a portal through her kitchen fridge, and the third a down-and-out middle-aged guy who is sucked into a mysterious milky cloud in a corner of his local bar.  Take it for a spin below and let yourself bloom into another dimension.  For all FEELguide stories related to BEACH HOUSE be sure to visit BEACH HOUSE on FEELguide.  And for a full list of cities and dates for their upcoming tour CLICK HERE.

Source: Disco Naivete

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