Insiders Freaking Over “The Avengers”, Hailed “The Most Brilliant Superhero Film Of All Time”

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Top industry insiders recently got their first look at director Josh Whedon’s The Avengers and there is simply no comparison to the early buzz and adulation this film is receiving.  The Playlist’s Oliver Lyttelton was one of the first to feast his eyes on the years-in-the-making final product, and the following is an excerpt from his review: “‘The Avengers’…is thrilling, hilarious and brilliantly executed. It’s not just the best Marvel movie to date (although it is that), and it’s not just in the very top tier of superhero movies (although it is), but it’s one of the most all-around satisfying summer blockbusters since God-knows-when … The action is clear and coherent, the pacing is tight (it’s 140 minutes long, but flies by) and the technical contributions are top-notch across the board, from the Bond-movie production design of James Chinlund (‘The Fountain’) and the razor-sharp cutting of Jeffrey Ford (‘Public Enemies’) and Lisa Lassek (‘Cabin In The Woods’) to Seamus McGarvey’s bright cinematography and Alan Silvestri’s firmly listenable score (although the latter could, it should be said, use a more distinctive theme) … And it’s funny.  Did we mention it’s funny?  God, it’s funny.  As serious as the stakes get, Whedon’s never afraid to let a joke out (the final action sequence has more than one gag as funny as anything we’ve seen in a comedy for a while), and it gives the film a light, bouncy tone that makes it such a pleasure to watch. And his cast members are clearly having just as much fun as the audience will be.”  You can read the entire brilliant review by visiting The Playlist.  And for LIVE updates from The Playlist be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also visit The Avengers’ official website by CLICKING HERE.  To enter the incredible world of Marvel simply head over to

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